How do I keep my hands warm whilst paddling?

Now that winter is well and truly here in the UK, many paddlers are finding that cold hands are really affecting their enjoyment of being on the water! In our blog “Layering up – a guide to winter paddling” we discuss the options for keeping your body warm for all paddle sport.


“Keeping your core warm is key. The warmer your blood is in the core section of your body then the warmer it will be when it reaches your extremities, giving you the best chance of keeping your hands, feet and face warm “

However, no matter how careful you are with your layering, you may find that sometimes your hands in particular suffer from the cold whilst paddling. So what are the solutions?

There are two main ways of keeping your hands warm whilst paddling: pogies and gloves. Pogies attach to your paddle shaft, meaning that your hands are in direct contact with the paddle, whilst keeping warm inside the pogies. Gloves are, well, gloves! Pogies are generally useful for kayaking only – gloves will be a better solution for canoeing or paddle boarding. Here we will look at the different pogies and gloves available.


Firstly, pogies come in neoprene and nylon. Neoprene pogies come in different styles depending on the type of kayaking you are doing. Pogies will either be fairly short, but with an inner “cuff baffle” keeping them open for easy and rapid access (such as the Palm Descent (below), favoured by white water paddlers). If you are touring or sea kayaking and would rather have warmer wrists from longer pogies, but are less likely to need quick access, then the Palm full length pogie could be for you. Nylon pogies will save you space and weight, if these are a consideration, but will be less warm than neoprene. The Peak full length nylon pogies also feature a draw cord for snugness.

Paddle Gloves

Paddle gloves come in two main different styles too, and are suitable for all paddle sports, including paddle boarding. Full neoprene gloves such as the Palm Hook gloves have a quick dry thermal lining and pre-bent finger shapes to prevent grip fatigue. The Palm Talon Mitts have open palms allowing direct contact with the paddle shaft for greater control and feel whilst paddling. The mitt part also folds back with velcro fastening for ease of use when you need you fingers free, but a warm covering whilst you paddle.

The best way to decide is to visit us and try some different options on and talk to our experts in store! Llangollen for whitewater, and Runcorn for sea/touring. See you soon!

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