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Pyranha Connect River VS Pyranha Connect River+

Words by GoKayakingAdmin

on 22/10/2015 12:39:00

If you’re reading this guide the chances are you want to know what the differences are between Pyranha’s Connect River and Connect River+ outfitting and whether it’s worth investing in the Connect River+ option.

The 2015/2016 RRP for a Pyranha Connect River Kayaks is £649.00 and Connect River + is £719.00, that's a difference of £70.00!


The differences between the two specs involve the interior outfitting (i.e. thigh braces and seating) the shell of the kayak is still exactly the same!

You can buy all the components to upgrade your boat to the Connect River+ at a later stage but you will end up paying more than if you bought the upgraded boat to start with!

Links for all components are included in this guide.

What are the differences?

Pyranha Hip Pads

The Pyranha Connect River outfitting does not come with hip pads as standard whereas the Connect River+ does!


Hip pads are used to give better connectivity and control by giving a more snug and secure fit at the hips. They are very useful for edge control and the extra connectivity helps with your hip flick when rolling.

The Hip Pads normally retail for £35.00 and can be found here – Pyranha Hip Pads.

Thigh Grips

The Pyranha Connect River and Connect River + Specs come with the same thigh braces. However, the Connect River + does come with the Pyranha Ratchet Buckles already installed


The ratchet buckles can be used in Connection with the Connect Back Rest Strap, which forms a fully adjustable backrest system.

Ratchet Buckles can be bought for £20.00 by following this link – Pyranha Ratchet Buckles


The Pyranha Connect River comes with the Pyranha Club back band, which only offers very minor adjustment and is fixed to the side of the seat.


The Connect River+ comes with a fully adjustable back band, which you can use in conjunction with the Pyranha ratchet buckles to create a more snug fit for better connectivity to your boat and  gives increased support your lower back.

As you can see from the image the back band is attached and adjusted at the thigh braces making adjustments in easy reach whilst seated in the boat.



Is it worth it?

Well the combined cost if you buy these accessories separately is  £90.00!

So you are instantly saving yourself £20.00, whilst drastically improving the performance and enjoyment of your Pyranha kayak.

Don’t get left behind in the eddy, upgrade your boat today!

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