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Pyranha Fusion Sit On Top Kayak Review–By Liam & Andy

Words by GoKayakingAdmin

on 04/06/2014 13:21:00



Andy and I had the chance to paddle the Pyranha Fusion Sit on Top Kayak (SOT) on the River Dee in Llangollen last Saturday.

My first impressions were that this is a really fun and is a great kayak!

Not only is this ideal for the recreational user but it is also great fun for White Water paddler and is something that they can get enthusiastic and excited about too!


The Pyranha Fusion Sit On Top is based on the Pyranha Fusion, which is without a doubt one of the best cross over kayaks on the market!

Things that we noticed when paddling :

•    As its a sit on top it is really easy to get on and off.
•    The scupper plugs allowed it to drain very quickly.
•    Confidence Building – This boat was very stable and would be great for building confidence with people who are new to kayaking.
•    It surfs well, unlike other sit on tops you can play around with it a bit more than just paddling in a straight line.
•    The boat can be edged/leaned and so you feel like you get better .
•    It is very responsive and as a result it makes this kayak rather predictable so you don’t get the feeling it would catch you out.
•    As a sit on top it gives you the ability to self-rescue and is relatively easy to climb back on after falling off.
•    The performance is not limiting like most Sit on top kayaks.
•    We were able to surf and flat spin without feeling like we were going to capsize, great for beginners and not limiting to the more advanced paddlers.

•    It is faster than I expected for a boat that flat and wide. Its also really easy to maintain that speed at a cruise.

Other Features:

  • Rear waterproof hatch is perfect for storing items such as spare clothes, towels, lunch and any other necessities.
  • Side and front handles make it super easy to carry from your car to the beach, river or lake.
  • Built in drinks holders are ideal for those longer more leisurely days out paddling
  • Drop Down skeg helps keep your kayak straight, especially if you are a complete beginner.
  • Made from the same tough plastic as Pyranha’s White Water Range of kayaks.
  • Attachable deck pod offers storage, which is immediately accessible, whilst you are paddling.




Whilst testing this boat we got a number of other competent paddlers to try it including play boaters and river runners, who would normally not be interested in  sit on top kayaks but everyone who tried it really enjoyed it!

This is a new fresh sit-on-top kayak, which offers a lot more than what is currently on the market. 

It is ideal for lakes, rivers and for coastal fun.

I would recommend trying this before purchasing any other sit on top!

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