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Reasons why paddling is great for your body and mind

Words by GoKayakingAdmin on 06/05/2022 20:22:04


It gets you moving

Exercise is good for you physically and mentally! Not only can paddling help you exercise your whole body, it can help boost your mood, and tackle anxiety and depression too.


It gives you a focus

Mindfulness meditation can bring a whole host of benefits to our mental wellbeing…but not all of us are cut out for sitting still for that long.

Even if downward dog on a paddleboard isn’t your thing, paddling can be form of ‘moving meditation’. We are sure anyone who has ever zoned out or gotten lost in the moment and motion out on the water can attest.


It gets you outside

Just being outside can boost your mood, and exercising on or near water and greenery has been shown to reduce negative emotions like anger or depression. Getting out in nature can even help you sleep better.

While you are out there, you’ll get more vitamin D – a critical chemical in regulating your mood. The best news is you don’t even have to do anything. Just being outside will help your body to produce more of its own vitamin D. Magic!


It gives you a fresh perspective

Life looks different from the water, and paddling can give you a perspective that you can’t get anywhere else. Not only do new things and experiences make us happier (thanks dopamine!) you also get to feel the thrill of discovering wilderness and wildlife you can only see from the water.


It gets you interacting

We might be biased, but we think paddlers are a lovely bunch. Paddling can be a great activity for you and the friends you’ve already got, and it’s a great way to meet new people too. Why not check out clubs, courses or paddling communities and share the love of paddling with others.

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