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Go Kayaking Paddle More Loyalty Card

Go Kayaking paddlemore Card

The paddlemore card is our revolutionary loyalty card with amazing benefits to ensure you get the right product, at the right price and fuel your passion for paddling!

The Benefits

Go Kayaking prides itself on the service and advice we give to our customers and we want to back that up by offering our customers some truly amazing benefits. We've got confidence in our expertise, and the products that we sell. The paddlemore card is designed to give you that same peace of mind, and reward the fantastic loyalty of our customers across the paddlesports community.

60 day swap for qualifying purchases
Not happy with your item? Then swap it! Even if it’s used.

1 Year extended warranty
We extend the manufacturers standard warranty, adding 1 year to the products standard warranty length.

Boat lifetime guarantee
We will repair the boat you purchased and charge no labour costs. For the lifetime of the product you'll only need to pay for parts
Save money with customer rewards
For every £1 spend in store and online, you get 1p back on your account that can go towards your next shop
E-receipts & accounts history
Reduce waste and have a record of every purchase on your account for future reference

Exclusive offers
Offers, services, prize draws and competitions, exclusively for paddlemore card holders

The latest from Go Kayaking
Get signed up to our monthly newsletter, providing you with all the latest deals we've got on offer!

How to join?
Anyone can become a member at any time by purchasing a card in store, or over the phone. In time, we'll make them available to web customers too.

Key Points in our Terms and Conditions

No one likes reading Terms and conditions, so we’ve highlighted the most important ones below. You can read on further down for the full Terms.

Everyone can be a member by purchasing a card, but some of the benefits are only available to instore or phone purchases - so please read the below carefully.

60-Day Swap

This allows members to swap their purchase for a qualifying item even if the item has been used.

- Qualifying purchases only
- Items can be exchanged for qualifying items only, as determined by us
For example, if we suggest you purchase a 220cm paddle and when you get out on the water you decide it is too long. You can swap the 220cm paddle for a shorter paddle. If we recommend you buy a small kayak and when you get out paddling it you decide you’d prefer a medium you’d be able to swap, no hassles.
- Items swapped must be within the same category, type or model.
- Only available for purchases made in store or through phone orders. The swap is not available for items bought on the website. The exchange must be returned to a store with a valid paddlemore card & it is the customers responsibility to get the original item back to Go Kayaking
- The exchange must be conduced by the original purchaser, and must be the owner of the paddlemore card
- Excludes items on transactions dated before the the purchase of the paddlemore card
- Down grades are not accepted
- Item must be exchanged within 60 days of the original purchase date
- Refunds will not be accepted, unless the product is defective.

1 Year Extended Warranty

We will extend the manufacturer’s warranty by 1 year meaning we will cover the total cost of the repair within this year. Our goal is to get you back on the water!

- Excludes items on transactions dated before the the purchase of the paddlemore card
- If is is within the warranty period, the item must qualify for the warranty. This is not decided by us, but by the manufacturer.
- The usual warranty returns policy applies (click here)
- We will cover the cost of the repair if the item was to be defective within this year.
For example, an immersion suit you purchase has a 2-year manufacturers warranty; however the tape starts peeling in the 3rd year of the products life. We will cover the cost to get that item repaired.
- We cannot offer replacement products as part of the extended warranty, only a repair service.
- This does not affect products that are already covered by a lifetime warranty.

Boat Lifetime Guarantee

We will repair any boat purchased from us for the lifetime of that boat, charging only for the replacement parts. We will not charge for labour. This covers any repair that is not already covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty.

- Excludes boats bought before buying a paddlemore card
- It is for the lifetime of the product as decided by us, age or severe damage, misuse, negelct may impact on this decision
- This service does not cover repeat repairs, unless covered as part of an annual service
- This does not cover items where a home repair has been attempted. We may charge labour to rectify any home repairs as necessary.
For example, you’ve bought a sea kayak and the skeg needs a service. We will service the sea kayak for free and only charge you for the parts used.
You’ve bought a kayak and it has been damaged through a bad swim, we will repair the damage and get you back on the water and only charge for parts used.
You have a 30 year old sea kayak and it needs a weld, we would probably determine this kayak to be at the end of it’s life and suggest retiring it; if you still wish for us to repair it, we would then charge for labour in addition to parts.

Full Terms & Conditions

The paddlemore benefits scheme is operated by Go Kayaking, Marina Village. Preston Brook. Runcorn WA7 3DW (“We”, “us”, “our”) and is for the benefit of its customers (“You”, "Your", “You’re”, “Members”)

This page sets our terms and conditions for the paddlemore benefit card and works alongside our existing terms and conditions. If any inconsistencies arise our main terms and conditions will prevail (listed here)

Please read these terms carefully and speak to a member of staff if you have any queries before taking out a membership. By registering with the scheme, you indicate that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Membership is available to a resident of Great Britain that is over 18 years old.

Benefits start on the purchase date. The member is not entitled to any benefits on items purchased prior to the purchase of the card.

As a member you will receive a membership card and assigned a membership number. This is evidence of your membership and you are required to prove your membership when redeeming any of its benefits. We will store your name, phone number and email address in accordance with our privacy policy (listed here)

A membership card is not a credit or debit card and can not be exchanged for any monetary value. Your membership card can only be used by the named individual on the customer account linked with the card. You can not transfer any rights, or duties of your membership.

We reserve the right to withdraw any individual membership card at any time. A refund will not be offered.

We reserve the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions and we will notify you of these changes using the details on your customer account.

60-Day Swap

Members can swap the original item purchased from us for a similar item even if the original item has been used. The swap must be completed within 60 days of the original purchase date and it is the members responsibility to complete this swap.

Only the original purchaser may swap and the item they are swapping must have been bought on, or after the date the card was activated

This benefit is not availalbe for web orders. It is available for all in store purchases and orders placed over the phone

The swap can happen at any of our stores and it is the members responsibility to get the original item back to Go Kayaking

Orders for custom items do not qualify for the swap

We refuse the right to reject a swap if we feel the damage to the item incurred within the 60 days is in excess of standard wear and tear. The store manager's decision on this is final

You may not swap an item that was originaly bought from us as used

If you buy a factory 2nd item then you may only swap it for another factory 2nd, or pay the difference between a factory 2nd and a 1st

This does not cover items that are defective in any way. Items that are believed to be defective will be covered under our warranty and returns policy, listed here.

Members can swap each item only once. Once the item has been swapped, it's replacement can not be swapped unless defective.

Inflateables do not qualify for the swap.

The replacement item must be the within the same category as the original. Examples include, but are not limited to:

- You may swap a £295 paddle for a £295 paddle in a different model or length, or upgrade to a more expensive paddle by paying the difference
- You may swap a £120 PFD for another PFD in a different size or model as long as the new PFD is £120 or more
- You buy a Medium kayak but after paddling it you prefer a Small. You can swap to a small in the exact same model and spec.
- You may not swap a £295 paddle for a PFD, or for a cheaper paddle.
- You may not swap boat models, but you can swap for a different boat size of the same model.
- Our decision on whether the item qualifies for the swap is final.

1 Year Extended Warranty

All products sold are covered under the warranty provided by their manufacturers. We will extend the manufacturer’s warranty by 1 year for our members.

The extension only covers items bought on or after the date the card was activated.

The extended warranty covers items bought in store, over the phone or on the web. It is the customers responsibility to get the item to us, and any onwards shipping costs will be passed onto the customer.

If your item develops a fault that would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty we will repair, replace, or provide a credit to your account at our discretion. If a replacement is not available, we will offer an alternative or credit your account with the original purchase price.

This warranty excludes faults occurred through neglect, accidental damage, misuse, improper care and any conditions deemed beyond normal conditions including wear and tear where the product is deemed to have come to the end of its life. The manufacturers decision to cover it under warranty is final, and our decision to extend that warranty is final.

Products that have a lifetime warranty can not be extended by this scheme.

This goes alongside our normal returns and warranty policy listed here.

The extended warranty does not include kit that has been sold as used as per our normal returns and warranty policy.

Inflatables of any kind are excluded from the extended warranty offer

Boat Lifetime Guarantee

Any boat bought from us on or after the date the card was activated is covered with a lifetime guarantee.

The boat lifetime guarantee covers boats sold in store, over the phone or on the web. It is the customers responsibility to get the boat back to us for repair, and any onwards shipping costs will be passed onto the customer.

The lifetime guarantee covers the boat for the lifetime of that boat as decided by us or the manufacturer. Our decision as to whether the boat has come to the end of it’s life is final, as is that of the manufacturer.

If a boat is deemed to have come to the end of it’s life, we can still attempt to repair it but will charge labour.

The lifetime guarantee includes an annual service free of charge – this is limited to 1 service per boat per year.

The boat is also covered for any other repairs required at any time.

A full list of what is covered & exclusions are listed here.

If a home repair has been attempted, we will charge labour to rectify the home repair, but we will not charge labour after that. IE if you have a split kayak and you’ve attempted your own weld at home, we will charge you labour to strip the home repair out, but we won’t charge you labour to complete the repair itself.

Inflatables of any kind are excluded from the lifetime guarantee

Save Money with Customer Rewards

Rewards are attained when making a purchase and submitting your email address. Exclusions apply and are set by us. This service is not exclusive to the paddlemore membership.

We email you once a month with your balance, this does not affect our privacy policy listed here.

Points can be redeemed in store, online or over the phone.

Prize draws, offers, services and competitions

Members will have exclusive access to a range of additional services, offers, prize draws and competitions for which we require your GDPR consent. A membership does not give your GDPR consent unless you specify. This means you will not receive these offers, prize draws and additional services unless you agree to receiving additional marketing emails.

Winners of prize draws must have a valid paddlemore card and prizes cannot be transferred or swapped.